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MYOB Payroll


Mobile Bookkeeping can assist with payroll software setup and training. If you are unsure which payroll software to use chat to Debbie and she can suggest the best payroll software to suit your business needs.

Our services;

  • Move paper based payroll users to Software

  • Migrate clients to new software

  • A Warrant of Fitness on your payroll software

  • Train your staff in using payroll software (one on one or in a group)

  • Fix any file issues

  • Mobile Bookkeeping offers outsourcing (leave it to us to manage everything!)

  • We can assist with upgrades of software

  • Train in filing of Pay Day Reports at IRD

Benefits of Payroll Software;
Pay your staff, calculate PAYE payments, KiwiSaver and leave in just a few clicks. Keep IRD happy with automated reporting!

paying your staff

Which payroll software is right for your business?

Depending on the size of your business and the number of staff working for you, Myob and Xero has payroll software to suit. Automating your payroll process can save a tremendous amount of time and help protect your company from compliance issues and costly errors, please free to call Debbie 027 498 9551 with any questions.

MYOB Payroll Software

MYOB Business Payroll Only
With automatic KiwiSaver calculations and PAYE payments to Inland Revenue - you'll always know where you stand.

MYOB  – IMS Payroll

Integrates to a vast range of  accounting software.

The more efficient way to manage people, payroll and productivity, with secure cloud-based options. Medium to advanced payroll requirements​ which allows your business to grow.

Xero Payroll Software

Smart Payroll

Integrates into Xero. Easily process your payroll from anywhere on any device for those on the run!

Xero Payroll

Pay employees in just a few clicks using Xero payroll software. Payroll data updates the accounts automatically. Automatic tax, superannuation and leave calculations. Set tax and pay rates. Email payslips and let employees view them online.

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