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End of Financial Year - check list!

  1. Complete bank rec to 31/3/16

  2. Balance all bank a/cs, loan accounts, hps, credit cards

  3. Reconcile all balance sheet items

  4. Ensure that there are no out of balances on AR and AP

  5. Write off any bad debts as @ 31/3/16

  6. Lock off the financial year once all have been completed

  7. Do not roll the year until the accountant has completed the a/cs

  8. Print a Holiday Pay accrual.

MYOB Payroll - benefits

  1. Upgrades required by 31/3/16 - Payroll tax years runs from 1/4/ - 31/3/??

  2. ACC earner premium reduces from 1.45% to 1.39% on 1st April 2016

  3. This will mean a small increase in the net pay

  4. Changes to health and safety laws as at 4/4/16

  5. File PAYE returns easily

  6. Manages you employees leave entitlements

  7. Calculates Kiwisaver requirements for both staff and employers

  8. Transfers payments electronically to the bank

  9. Produces payslips easily

  10. A simple and easy to operate payroll

  11. Beats completing spreadsheets

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