We have very much enjoyed working with Debbie over the last 7 years. Debbie has been invaluable to us, taking care of all of the bookkeeping side of our business. She is professional and thorough in her approach to her work, and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Debbie to anyone needing a top notch bookkeeping service


Sylvia & Graeme

Select Cleaning

I arrived at Mobile Bookkeeping’s offices with my shoebox of receipts and an invoice book. I was in need of getting my tax returns completed and I needed some urgent advice on GST.

When I met with Debbie she was not phased by my lack of record keeping and was keen to work with me to achieve what I wanted.  Debbie implemented MYOB and installed apps on my phone so I could invoice and quote – which meant I didn’t need to be in the office.

In brief meeting Debbie from Mobile Bookkeeping has changed my business from shoebox accounting to state of the art.

Thank you so much Debbie, you are a  life saver.

Tom Kamphuis

My business is involved in the re-structure of businesses that are in financial difficulties and, in some cases, my involvement is at the request of the businesses bank.

Without exception, the businesses we are engaged to assist, have little or no knowledge of the value of the information that is vital to the running of the business that can be obtained from MYOB.  We prefer MYOB over other accounting systems simply because, if properly configured, MYOB provides better information than other systems.

We have been fortunate to have the services of Debbie Vihi from Mobile Bookkeeping Services to assist us with these, often very difficult, assignments.  Debbie has an exemplary knowledge of MYOB and quickly understands the individual needs of the businesses we work with.  Debbie understands the need for the Chart of Accounts to be properly configured and this is knowledge that is invaluable to us in the work we do.  Debbie has been able to assist us with some quite complex assignments that, in one case, required that the financial statements for a 2-year period to be re-stated due to the overpayment of GST.  Her work in the re-statement of the financial statements resulted in a significant GST recovery for the business.

Debbie’s bright personality is a real attribute and her willingness to accept any challenge, no matter how difficult it might at first appear to be, is really appreciated by us.  Debbie is not only an extremely proficient MYOB consultant, but has practical and common sense skills that are vital when faced with some of the business problems we are often called upon to resolve.

Debbie is generally the first person we call upon when faced with one of the difficult assignments.


Cameron Smith
Protect Your Risk

I had the pleasure of working with Debbie Vihi, since October 2016 and since then she has been revolutionary for improving my cashflow and bookkeeping systems.  Debbie took on my business in a state of absolute disaster.   She worked diligently and thoroughly to improve my books and introduce MYOB.  She has undertaken regular checks of the system and has now trained two assistants to independently use MYOB.

In short Debbie has been nothing but a lifesaver for my business.   She has improved my cashflow and aged debtors and without her I would have struggled to survive.  I cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone who might need assistance with their bookkeeping or need their bookkeeping overhauled.   


Dr Anna Lawrence

Urology Specialist

I went to a simPRO event last night and spoke with Aaron Dempsey from Grammar Electrical. Well, he couldn’t stop telling me how wonderful you are, kept raving on and on about you and how he is happy to be a reference for you to other businesses who have simPRO and MYOB.


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know, as I felt really proud for you!! Thank you for being a wonderful representative of MYOB.


Amanda Snookes

National Retail & Partner Sales Manager – SME Solutions

Debbie has a fantastic personality and it is always a delight when she arrives to sort out my books each month. She does a great job, sorts everything out and I feel on top of things after she leaves. Well recommended!


Jeni Hart – Babybuds & American Custom Cycles Ltd (Director)

I contacted Mobile Bookkeeping in April 2015, as I was aware of her business through a friend and also I had seen her car in the community.  I explained to Debbie the type of organisation we were and that I needed some help with training of my new administrator but also needed some assistance to go over our current MYOB set up.  It was great to know that Debbie had plenty of experience with working with NGO’s and she was very experienced with working with our level of MYOB usage.


Immediately Debbie was able to bring us up to speed with the best options to access MYOB and gave our systems a good “health check” to ensure we were working at the optimal state. My new administrator was trained quickly and effectively to ensure everything was running smoothly and Debbie’s ongoing contact has been highly valuable.  We recently completed our yearly audit with EY and it was the first time in several years that the audit was so quickly completed due to Debbie’s input and the feedback from EY was that they also made note of the difference that Debbie has had with our systems.


It has been a real asset to have Debbie on board as our external MYOB support and I would highly recommend her to any one.


Jolene Cartwright

Co-General Manager of The TYLA  Trust