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November 24, 2019

Employees who are leaving their employment for any reason (Eg by resignation, retirement, redundancy, dismissal or completion of fixed term) usually get their final wages and holiday pay on their last day of work, but may be paid it in their pay for the final period of...

November 10, 2019

Relevant daily pay (RDP) vs average daily pay (ADP) for bereavement leave, sick leave, domestic violence leave, unworked public holidays and alternative holidays.

Use RDP in the first instance

  • You must use RDP unless the employee’s daily pay varies in the pay period...

August 28, 2017

So excited to receive Partner of the Year again for 2017 and also finalist for Online Partner.

Determination and drive does get results. This is an article on the awards from MYOB.


July 29, 2016

With all of the cold weather we have been having, wouldn't it be great to be on holiday. We know all of the excuses...

1. Who is going to pay the staff

2. No-one knows the accounts system, I can't leave...

3. GST and provisional tax is nearly due


We can loo...

February 27, 2016


End of Financial Year - check list!

  1. Complete bank rec to 31/3/16

  2. Balance all bank a/cs, loan accounts, hps, credit cards

  3. Reconcile all balance sheet items

  4. Ensure that there are no out of balances on AR and AP

  5. Write off any bad debts as @ 31/3/16


December 15, 2015


Dates for 2015 holidays - click here



December 14, 2015

Who takes care of business when you’re not around? Do you have someone in place to manage the pay run? Do you have a plan? 


We all go about our day to day business simply presuming that we will be back at work tomorrow to carry on business as usual. Unfortunately, late...

December 11, 2015


For many businesses, including retail and hospitality, the holiday season brings many opportunities. Increased traffic, a higher turnover of stock and – if all goes to plan – higher profits. One of the challenges, however, can be managing your staff.

If the holiday sea...

August 21, 2015


Small business advisors from around the country were honoured for their service to New Zealand’s SME sector at the annual MYOB Partner Connect conference in Auckland last weekend.


The top awards ‘Partner of the Year’ and ‘Best Online Presence’ were presented to Auckla...

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